Apprenticeship Training Program

Interprovincial Name

Outdoor Power Equipment Technician NOC (7335)

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English Provincial and Territorial Trade Names
 NL   NS   PE   NB   QC   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NT   YT   NU 
Outdoor Power Equipment Technician Check Mark Check Mark
French Provincial and Territorial Trade Names
 NL   NS   PE   NB   QC   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NT   YT   NU 

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Part A - General Information
 NL   NS   PE   NB   QC   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NT   YT   NU 
Red Seal designated (Yes/No) No No
Apprenticeship Training Provided (Yes/No) Yes No
Apprenticeship Term - Years and Total Hours 3 (4800) 4 (7200)
Part A - General Information : Education/Entrance Requirements
 NL   NS   PE   NB   QC   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NT   YT   NU 
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Available (Yes/No) Click 'Yes' for more information Yes Yes
Apprenticeship Accreditation Process Available (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Apprenticeship Technical Training Required (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Training Delivery Methods - Block Release (BR); Individualized (I); Both (B) BR BR
If Block Release: Number of Periods/Total Weeks 3/24 4/34
Total Hours 720 1020
Total Theory Hours 360 752
Total Shop/Lab Hours 360 268
If Individualized: Total Hours
Day/Hour Release
Fixed Entry/Open Exit
Flexible/Distance Education
Pre-Employment Training - Compulsory (C); Voluntary (V); Not Available (NA) V NA
Train-the-Trainer Program for Journeypersons Supervising Apprentices (Yes/No) No No
Ratio - Journeyperson/Apprentice - Indicate Actual Ratio or Variable (V) 1:1 1:1
Journeyperson Certification Available - Compulsory (C); Voluntary (V); Not Available (NA) V V
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This table indicates what the education/entrance requirements are for each province
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick
British Columbia
Northwest Territories

Grade 10 Academic Math, English and Science or equivalent or pass entrance examination. Technical Training obtained in Alberta.


Pass entrance examination '5' (equivalent to Grade 12 with Math 30). Technical Training obtained in Alberta. 

Part B - Curriculum Resources
 NL   NS   PE   NB   QC   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NT   YT   NU 
Occupational Analysis - National (N); Province/Territory (P/T); Both (B); Not Available (NA) P/T N
Province/Territory Skill Profile Chart (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Apprenticeship Program Outline (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Apprentice On-The-Job Training Standards/Record Book (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Province/Territory Journeyperson Course Outline(s) - Upgrading (UG); Updating (UD); Both (B); Not Available (NA) NA NA
Modularized Learning Resource Materials (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Part C - Assessment/Examination Resources
 NL   NS   PE   NB   QC   ON   MB   SK   AB   BC   NT   YT   NU 
Province/Territory In-School Level Practical Examinations (Yes/No) No No
Province/Territory Level Written Examinations (Yes/No) Yes Yes
Province/Territory Journeyperson Examination(s) - Written (W); Practical (P); Both (B); Not Available (NA) NA NA